WCAEAPS - Willem C. Andree Engines And Power Systems
The old Lister technology from the early 1900's is still a favorite today. Slow rpm's means longer engine life and a quieter, smoother sound. It's been said that when these engine run they produce a pleasing sound that helps you sleep. When these engines are running on display people will actually stay and watch them run. No other engine has this effect on people.

Lister engines are also very easy to work on and service. Simple tools and a little engine knowledge will keep your engine running for a very long time.

Lister engines turn slow 400 - 800 rpm's.

A single cylinder Lister engine will weigh in at a staggering 600 - 700 Lbs.
Lister twin cylinder engines 1,200 - 1,400 Lbs.

Due the these engine's incredible lifespan they are referred to as the FOREVER ENGINE!

Multi-Fuel capable!
Diesel fuel, Veggie oil's, Old Used motor oil's. If your oil is a little thick in the winter, just add Gasoline or E-85 to thin it. You will not damage this engine by adding Gasoline or E-85. If you thin your fuel to much the engine will stop running as the injector pump will not pump straight gasoline.

How about Propane or Natural Gas? No Problem!
Simply inject a set amount of gas into your air intake for increased horespower and reduced fuel oil consumption. If you want to go 100% Propane or Natural Gas you will need to add a spark plug with ignition system and carburetor.

Each engine is hand assembled in-house to our customers requirements and tested before shipping.

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